I love to cook and feed people. I also love to teach people how to cook and inspire them to find joy and health through the art and meditative practice of cooking. I’ve been sharing my love for all things culinary as long as I can remember and teaching about good honest cooking and nutrition for the last 30 years and counting : ) I weave my yoga teaching into the kitchen to create a holistic approach to cooking and eating that is mindful, joyful, intentional and flavorful. I believe these are key ingredients to health in body, mind and spirit.

My love and fascination with cooking began when I was 10. I grew up in Los Angelos in the 1970s and on summer days when it was just too hot and smoggy to play outside, my best friend and I used to play “town”. She played “banker” and I played “chef” transforming a tiny closet into my restaurant with a TV tray and a folding chair, a swatch of paisley fabric for a tablecloth and a milk glass vase with a single fake plastic rose. My menu featured toast, cinnamon toast and chocolate milk! A few years later, I discovered my mom’s Better Homes and Gardens recipe cards. I would study each recipe and plan when I would cook the delectable dishes that were featured on each card. Recipes like Chocolate Bomb, Chicken Cordon Blue and Beef Stroganoff would consume my creative fantasies. The kitchen was my happy place, though I never thought I’d actually be a professional chef. Instead, I went on to be a journalist and wrote about all the things that I dreamed of doing –  baker, chef, dancer, yoga teacher, and you know what? I eventually stepped away from my keyboard and did each of these things. You can read about the work I’ve done in my bio below. It covers the things I’ve written, the places I’ve taught and the projects I’ve developed. What I really want to share here is why I do what I do…. I cook because it is one of my favorite ways to be present, healthy and in community with others. So on that note, let’s cook together. Find out about some of the programs Geoff and I have created to get you cooking more of your own food and making it awesome. And if you also cook for a living or just want to know how to get started we will support your journey.

Lizette Marx has been passionate about cooking healthy, delicious food for others and deepening her culinary skills and nutrition knowledge for more than 30 years. She is a professional holistic chef and baker, certified nutrition consultant, culinary nutritionist and 500 RYT yoga instructor. Lizette was one of the lead instructors for the Natural Chef program at Bauman College for 10 years and wrote the Flavors of Health Cookbook with the college’s founder and president, Dr. Ed Bauman. She regularly offers healthy cooking demonstrations and classes to corporations, health organizations and private groups. Most notably she has developed a series of plant-rich cooking demos and classes for the Physicians Wellness program at Kaiser Permanente’s Diablo Valley locations. Her cooking classes focus on traditional farm-to-table and international cuisine with an emphasis on bringing mindfulness and joy in the kitchen, understanding the healing qualities of S.O.U.L (seasonal, organic, unrefined, local) food flavors, mastering anti-inflammatory cooking methods and healthier baking techniques. When not in the kitchen, Lizette teaches weekly group and private yoga classes.


Food, glorious food. Long before the term “foodie” came into use, I was and have always been thoroughly focused on all aspects of food – most importantly, how to make it great.

My earliest and fondest memories revolve around cooking and eating in the wonderful 1970’s. Remember Space Food Sticks? Jello salads in bundt cake molds? All the crazy casseroles? I loved that era of culinary weirdness. I cooked with my mom and I was always happiest in the kitchen. The entire process of shopping, cooking, sitting down to dinner with family and friends at a nicely set table, good conversation and cleaning up after dinner was and is an everyday structure and process that makes the most sense to me. It is grounding. It is the heart of every day. It is life. I love talking about food, brainstorming on menus with Lizette, cooking dinner most nights and then, yes of course, eating a dinner that was thoughtfully and beautifully made and plated to look pretty darn serious, just for fun. Dinner is the most important meal. Indisputable fact.
I love cooking for people and I usually like doing dishes. I am Geoff Marx and I approve this message.

Geoff Marx is a self-taught chef whose eclectic culinary journey has inspired him to both honor classic dishes and techniques, while also improvising meals to meet “out of the box” requests or accommodate specific dietary needs. In addition to the various endeavors he and Lizette have undertaken with Kitchen Treasures, he is also a certified nutrition consultant at the Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek, where, since 2005, he has seen clients and worked collaboratively with a diverse group of practitioners under the directorship of Len Saputo, MD. When out of the kitchen, Geoffrey moonlights with his pals of thirty plus years as a musician and composer of ambient music and sound design which have been featured in award winning films and art installations.