What We Believe

It’s really quite simple. You Cook, then Savorthe experience of cooking and all the flavors that emerge, bring in theLove to the food you’ve prepared, the meal that you’ll share, and the connections you’ll make (eating alone? no problem connect to the tastes and be in the moment). What’s next? Repeat. That’s right repeat the whole thing over again. Here’s some more stuff that we think about…

Food Brings People Together

We believe food is the most important thing in life.Food, like music, brings people together to share positive and memorable experiences.

Tradition and Innovation

It’s good to honor your family and cultural traditions but also to innovate and create something new on the dinner plate and find an interesting and delicious culinary balance.

What did you have for dinner last night and what does it say about you?

Play with your food

We always seem to have leftovers and these are always great. Who would ever say, “But we had cassoulet last night”. Nobody.

Meals should be exciting and maybe even a little weird sometimes. Play with complex themes and high concepts or be deliberately simple and monochromatic.

“Everything must be brown”, or “Everything is orb-shaped”. Have fun!

We like to think that every meal is an adventure and this mindset is our best, secret ingredient.